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In the future, there will be two types of organizations: those that have embraced artificial intelligence and those that no longer exist. AI is driving us forward at speeds beyond any technology before it—but where is it taking us?

At the Time Machine summit, you will actively engage with real world AI applications. Hear from leaders on the cutting edge of technology, government, industry, academia, and the arts, and uncover the roadmap for our collective digital journey. Where is your organization headed, where are we headed as a society, and how will you accelerate into the future? Discover what’s possible at Time Machine.

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Time Machine Staff

Amir Husain

Founder & CEO · SparkCognition

John King


Michelle Lundell


Eva Littman

Associate Producer

Liv Toepfer

Event Planner · Liv By Design

Production Team

Angela Hinson

Marla Rosner

Chelsea Wells

Cara Schwartzkopf

Amanda Morgan

Susanne Rodriguez

Lorena Burgess

Cassidy Milder

Gabe Prado

Carlos Pazos

Design, Web & Video Production

Milton Lopez

Judd Oberly

Jeff Ward

Russell Good

Dylan VanDam

Mimi Mulatu

Chad Clabaugh

Jon Coyle

Kelsey East

Rob Metke

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