Time Machine 2018: Kristopher Gasteratos, Agricultural Production Pioneer

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Kristopher Gasteratos is working on what might just be one of the most environmentally and socially significant innovations of this generation: meat created without using livestock.

Cellular agriculture (cell-ag) is a method of agricultural production using animal cells rather than entire animals. This isn’t just meat, although that certainly is a significant part of it. Cell-ag scientists can create leather, silk, and rhinoceros horns, and as research and investor interest continues to grow, so will the list of cell-ag possibilities.

As Founder & President of Cellular Agriculture Society, Gasteratos’ mission is to completely transform the current methods of agricultural production. While cell-ag would help prevent raising and slaughtering livestock, the importance of Gasteratos’ work goes further than empathy for animals. Gasteratos warns that current agricultural methods are environmentally wasteful—it takes 10 years of drinking water to produce just one pound of beef, whereas cell-ag uses 98% less water to produce the same product.

Gasteratos is a leading authority in the cellular agriculture world. As a former student, scholar, and researcher at Harvard University, he was the first agriculture researcher in the Ivy League. In addition to his impressive academic history, he is credited with conducting the first and largest market research on cellular agriculture–spanning three years and multiple continents. He also published the first comprehensive environmental report on cell-ag, entitled “Nature & the Neomnivore.

Cellular agriculture is a fascinating emerging practice, and Gasteratos is recognized as one of the foremost cell-ag pioneers. Through his research and his publications, he has escalated investor and public interest in cellular agriculture all around the world. At Time Machine this November, Gasteratos will be discussing cell-ag and his quest to make it the global standard.

As Time Machine 2018 approaches, we’re pleased to highlight some of the global executives, cultural innovators, and industry trailblazers who will be speaking at the conference.

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