Time Machine 2018: Kim Jackson Ryan, Forging a Human-Machine Alliance

 In TM18

Kim Jackson Ryan believes the key to a more productive future is in establishing trust between humans and machines.

Jackson Ryan is a Senior Human Systems Engineer for Draper, a company of engineers who bring a multidisciplinary advantage to system design for the public and private sectors. Here, Jackson Ryan engineers solutions to optimize human behavior and performance during mission-critical operations. She works to improve human-machine collaboration through the design of intuitive operator interfaces for mission planning and command. This work is rooted in her understanding that AI-powered machines are not just a tool, but a teammate.

Jackson Ryan’s academic foundation is impressive. She received a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, following a bachelor’s degree from MIT in the same field. Jackson Ryan worked to develop intuitive collision avoidance methods for smartphone-based control of a small aerial vehicle. This was only the beginning of her work in optimizing human-machine interaction.

Jackson Ryan strives to create a constructive society in which humans embrace AI-enabled machines as co-workers, teammates, and collaborators. She will be at Time Machine this year to discuss her work to establish trust between humans and autonomous systems, and how humanity can benefit from adopting a positive outlook over AI innovation.

As Time Machine 2018 approaches, we’re pleased to highlight some of the global executives, cultural innovators, and industry trailblazers who will be speaking at the conference.

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