Time Machine 2018: Vishal Lall, The Strategic Mind Behind HPE

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Vishal Lall’s directive is to discover emerging technologies the world over, and with the resources of Hewlett Packard Enterprises, grow those technologies to reach their full potential. As the Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, and Head of Strategy and Venture Investments (Pathfinder), Lall is paving the way for a new generation of technology, and ensuring that HPE always stays one step ahead of a rapidly changing market.

Lall has held a number of executive positions at Hewlett Packard (HP) and HPE, including Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Head of Strategy for the Software business unit. But now, his main job is to shift customer buying behavior, evolve business models, and transform revenue and profit pools by managing HPE’s Pathfinder program.

Pathfinder is the business equivalent of living life on the edge. The program makes venture investments into emerging next-gen companies and incorporates their technologies into HPE solutions. Their goal is to take small but innovative startup technologies and implement them on an enterprise scale.

The companies Lall has discovered and nurtured through Pathfinder include Chargifi, a wireless charging solution that aims to move public places into the cordless space; and Barefoot Networks, whose goal is to enable new innovation by making networks fully programmable.

Lall brings tomorrow’s technologies into today. His strategic outlook allows companies to maximize their products’ potential, and gives customers a wider variety of products and solutions to choose from.

His input on AI will lead to discussions of not only what AI can potentially do, but how we can see that potential realistically applied around the world.

As Time Machine 2018 approaches, we’re pleased to highlight some of the global executives, cultural innovators, and industry trailblazers who will be speaking at the conference.

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