Anna ChaneyWatson Applied Research
    IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

    Anna Chaney is a data scientist at IBM Watson Applied Research, and a key part of the Watson Beat team dedicated to creating AI that can compose its own music.


    With a BS in applied mathematics and a MS in computer science, Anna launched her career in engineering working on the Thirty Meter Telescope project, which will allow us to observe cosmic objects with unprecedented sensitivity. Over the next 12 years, she specialized in remote sensing algorithms, culminating in a position as the principal investigator in an Office of Naval Research contract on the classification of signals.


    In 2014 she took her breadth of machine learning knowledge in applied research to the IBM Watson group. Within IBM Watson, she not only leads teams that create AI applications for business, but is also one of the leading minds behind The Watson Beat, creating code that helps it learn how to make music. She also plays bass guitar in what she calls a ‘bad cover band.’

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