Dr. Tasneem Zehra HusainTheoretical Physicist, Novelist

    Tasneem Zehra Husain is a theoretical physicist, writer and educator. Her work has appeared in Nautilus, as well as various anthologies of science writing for both adults and children. She is a columnist for the award-winning blog 3quarksdaily.com, and the author of the popular science novel Only the Longest Threads.


    Husain has been actively involved in science outreach for over a decade, and frequently delivers talks about theoretical physics to students and lay audiences. She has conducted training sessions for K-12 science teachers, and led writing workshops at various venues, from literary and science festivals to CERN. She was the first Pakistani woman to obtain a Ph.D. in string theory.


    Husain views creativity as being essential to science, just as it is to the arts. Most of all, she is fascinated by ideas, the myriad ways we engage with them, and how such interactions shape us and what we think about.

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