Jordan HefferanDirector of Digital Services
    GE Aviation

    Jordan Hefferan plays a major role in GE’s innovative culture within one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century—aviation. As Director of Digital Services at GE Aviation, Hefferan strives to create the most efficient, technologically advanced fleets in the world. He uses his Master’s degree from Northwestern in predictive analytics and his love of data to drive solutions for performance management, risk management, and other valuable fleet insights. These solutions help aviation companies increase flight safety and find the most cost-effective methods of operation.


    Hefferan has proven himself to be an inventive leader, heading up such initiatives as GE’s new methods for fleet management through AI-powered drones, which allow data analysts and fleet maintenance crews to operate with more safety and efficiency. Through his work at GE Aviation, Hefferan continually contributes to GE’s enduring heritage of innovation.

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