Todd YoungFounder and CEO

    As a serial technology company entrepreneur and a father, Todd Young knew creating a data-driven testing and analytics platform could dramatically improve athletic development, leveling the playing field for youth athletes across the globe. This led him to found Ballogy, an innovative software company transforming the way youth and amateur athletes prepare for their sports.


    Young is now CEO of Ballogy, where his 20-year experience providing executive leadership across dynamic technology companies serves as the cornerstone for the Ballogy team. Prior to Ballogy, Young founded ProspX, a social business platform for managing the complex, multi-party sales process of the $500 billion commercial insurance industry. Young is also the co-founder of The Step Onward Foundation, dedicated to helping provide healthcare, education, career training, and job placement to young adults who have survived homelessness.


    Now, through Ballogy, Young aims to promote and encourage physical activity and provide new levels of access and training to young athletes around the globe.

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