Tom JacksonCEO & Co-Founder
    Locus Insights

    Tom Jackson is the Co-Founder & CEO of Locus Insights, a smartphone eye-tracking company that is revolutionizing interaction with mobile devices by bringing the integral sense of sight into play. A firm believer that AI is going to completely change how we interact with the world around us, Jackson is using Locus Insights to add eye interaction to mobile devices, creating an immersive and personalized experience for users while gathering valuable data on how people visually engage with smartphones.


    Jackson is passionate about company culture and organizational structure. Previously, he was a management consultant with a focus on large-scale healthcare IT implementations. He graduated from the University of Texas and loves giving back to the startup ecosystem in Austin. He serves as a member of the leadership team at Genesis, an organization that provides pre-seed capital and mentorship to student entrepreneurs at UT Austin.

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