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2018 Sessions

We hosted entrepreneurs, business executives, military leaders, academics and researchers, artists, and technologists in their respective fields. Here are sessions from Time Machine 2018.

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What Does it Mean to Be a Human in an AI World?

Dr. Heather Berlin · Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

How will AI become entwined with our most basic physical and mental processes? Dr. Heather Berlin, a recognized cognitive neuroscientist and TV host, will share how her work on the brain and consciousness extends to a world where the veil between human and machine is getting thinner.

Cleared for Takeoff: AI in Aviation

Ted Colbert · Boeing

It won’t be long before AI is piloting commercial aircraft, monitoring plane components, and streamlining logistics at major airlines. Ted Colbert explains the technology we already have and how it will change, and secure, the face of transportation.

Fueling Performance in the Field with AI

Ali Raza · Apergy

AI isn’t just a fad; it’s changing the entire business model for companies in the field of energy. Learn from Ali Raza, Senior VP and Chief Digital Officer at Apergy, how major oil and gas companies are restructuring their operations with AI.

Who's Really Winning the Global AI Race?

Fireside Chat: Admiral Bobby Inman, Amir Husain • Moderator: David Ignatius

What does AI innovation look like around the globe? This panel will explore promising and worrisome developments, and their implications for the world’s shifting political balance.

The Future of AI in Cybersecurity

Speakers: Cody Pierce, Pedram Amini • Moderator: Mike Cronin

How are machine learning and artificial intelligence affecting the information security landscape, both now and in the future? Tech reporter Mike Cronin leads cybersecurity experts Pedram Amini and Cody Pierce through a discussion on the present and future application of bleeding-edge technologies from the perspective of defenders and adversaries.

Transforming Innovation within the DoD

Panel: Colonel Jennifer Sovada, Zach Walker, Joshua Marcuse • Moderator: Jennifer Strong

As the U.S. Department of Defense develops relationships with agile tech companies, it’s having to change its ways. This talk will elaborate on how the DoD is incorporating innovation and making strides to become tech-friendly.

Is Edge Computing the New Cutting Edge?

Vishal Lall Hewlett · Packard Enterprise

As technology evolves and cybersecurity becomes a critical part of operations, edge computing is becoming an attractive option for operations. Find out how HPE is using edge computing to revitalize their technological and business strategies.

Data is Your Armor

Bryan Lares · SparkCognition

What does it look like when cybersecurity is built not just with AI, but entirely from AI? Find out the fundamental difference and what it means for protection against the growing world of cyber crime.

5 Slam Dunk Predictions for AI in Sports

Todd Young · Ballogy

Data analytics in athletics is nothing new. But due to artificial intelligence, the value that can be extracted from data is. Todd Young will explain how AI will transform sports, coaches and athletes in the next five years.

Eating AI: How Tech is Transforming Big Ag

Tim Mueller-Sim · Bloomfield Robotics

AI is paving the path for farmers to increase production and efficiency in agriculture. Tim Mueller-Sim explores how robots and humans can work together to produce better crops.

The Expanding Sphere of Possibility

Dr. Tasneem Zehra Husain · Theoretical Physicist, Novelist

As our understanding of physics and scientific principles expand, so too does our knowledge of the universe, and of the scope of the possible. Theoretical physicist Tasneem Husain explains how our view of science—and the world around us—is constantly evolving.

Beyond Glados: AI in Game Design

Richard Garriot de Cayeaux • Moderator: Hugh Forrest

AI isn’t just a tool for industry. Richard Garriott de Cayeaux discusses how game designers are working to unleash AI’s full creative potential (and potentially reach general intelligence) by using it to design new kinds of games beyond what humans can imagine.

Getting to the Meat of Cellular Agriculture

Kristopher Gasteratos · Cellular Agriculture Society

Given the massive impacts the meat industry has on society and the environment, what if we could have meat without the negative side effects? Discover how cellular agriculture technology could transform the meat industry.

Thinking Outside the Black Box: The Connected Aircraft and the Future of Aviation

Jordan Hefferan · GE Aviation

The aviation industry is one of the world’s most complex network experiences. The coordination of assets and people—combined with a variety of external factors—can make it a unique challenge. The industry also puts you on a chair in the sky and delivers you home safely. Jordan Hefferan is the Director of Digital Services at GE Aviation, accelerating change and digital transformation throughout the ecosystem. His talk will focus on the transformation of the industry, the future technology landscape, and the connected aircraft.

Talk AI to Me

Jaidev Amrite · SparkCognition

A demonstration on what natural language processing is, how it works, and how it can save companies (including airlines) from the bureaucratic nightmare of paperwork and document organization.

The Republic's Rise: China's Quest for Global AI Domination

Elsa Kania · Center for a New American Security

China has committed tens of billions of dollars to become a global AI superpower. Elsa Kania from the Center for a New American Security delves into this investment and what it means for the world.

What Does Good AI Policy Look Like? Lessons from Around the World

Panel: Elsa Kania, Amir Husain, Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux • Moderator: Kaveh Waddell

The age of AI is upon us, and being ready for it will take more than just technological innovation. In this panel, find out what policymakers need to do to ensure their countries are prepared, who is successfully doing so, and who isn’t.

Digital Technologies, the Industrial Performance Enhancers

Aric Zurek · Flowserve

Aric Zurek of Flowserve takes us behind the scenes of the AI transformation at the oldest industrial company and largest pump manufacturer in America.

Your Personalized Future, with AI

Tom Jackson · Locus Insights

Although humans crave the personalized customer experience AI can provide, they are often hesitant to provide the personal data that enables this. Tom Jackson, Co-Founder and CEO of vision tracking technology company Locus Insights, discusses how these two factors will play into shaping the future for consumers.

HYPERWAR: When Machines Do the Fighting...and Decision-Making

Panel: Amir Husain, Wendy R. Anderson, Dr. Bruce Porter • Moderator: August Cole

Bringing the speed of machine learning to battle decisions will completely revolutionize war. August Cole and Amir Husain discuss how these changes could minimize casualties and collateral damage.

Taking Data from the Ground to the Cloud

Fireside Chat: Darryl Willis • Moderator: Sridhar Sudarsan

Google loves AI! In fact, Google believes it’s a more profound technology than electricity. Google is putting AI in almost all of the technologies that we have and even building new ones totally centered around AI, like Google Translate and Google Lens. This keynote will discuss how AI is changing the world but also what data does an enterprise need to do it.

A Man, a Dog, and a Pipe: How AI is Fueling a Move from Automation to Autonomy

Slavek Zaremba · SparkCognition

A walk through of how SparkPredict is enabling autonomy in key maintenance tasks and processes that will power the plant of the future.

Where's My Robot? It's Closer, and Further, Than You Think

Dr. Scott Niekum · Personal Autonomous Robotics Lab (PeARL)

What will it take to have mass-deployed robots in our everyday lives? Dr. Scott Niekum, director of the Personal Autonomous Robotics Lab at the University of Texas at Austin, describes what this new reality will look like and how we’ll get there.

The Future Power Plant is Autonomous...(and We're Building it Now)

Speaker: Paul Browning • Moderator: Jennifer Strong

As the power industry moves into the digital age, AI technology is making operations safer and more efficient. Paul Browning, the President and CEO of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America, discusses how this is being implemented in the vision for the digital solutions platform MHPS-TOMONI.

Teammates, Not Tools: Establishing Trust Between Humans and Machines

Kim Jackson Ryan · Draper

How do we create autonomous systems that we can work with collaboratively? Human Systems Engineer Kimberly Ryan will lead us as we explore how we’ll establish working relationships with AI.

Automated Model Building: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Keith Moore · SparkCognition

Discover how SparkCognition is accelerating data science at scale by automating the building and deployment of machine learning models.

Augmenting Reality: Bending Light to Merge the Physical and Digital

João Beira · Datagram

As art and data collide, new mediums for creation emerge, like projection mapping. Art director João Beira will explore the intersection of light and interactive media.

AI Progress is Dependent on Our Model of Sentience, Not GPU Chips

Charlie Burgoyne · Valkyrie Intelligence

Charlie Burgoyne, Founder and CEO of Valkyrie Intelligence, will share how the way we think about sentience will influence AI progress, and how Knowledge Graphs and semantic engineering will become powerful tools for this new technology.

Beyond Data Management with the Semantic Web and Data-Driven Cultures

Bryon Jacob ·

Bryon Jacob, CTO and Co-Founder of, shares how the Semantic Web will link data to enable people and machines to use knowledge to its full potential.

Clandestine Tech: A History Lesson from One of America's Former Top Spies

Admiral Bobby Inman · USN (Ret.)

America’s former top spy, Admiral Bobby Inman, who once led the CIA and the NSA, will cover a history of using AI in the intelligence community.

Wolfgang Amadeus...Watson? The AI Composer Creating with AI

Anna Chaney · IBM Watson Applied Research

Is it creative if an algorithm makes it? Anna Chaney, a data scientist at IBM Watson, will dive into the creative process of AI as a composer, and explore the surrounding issues of AI-created music, like copyright and model training.

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