At Time Machine 2018, SparkCognition and its partners will explore cutting-edge AI applications, projects, and research that are creating the future. Time Machine 2018 is a premier opportunity to learn how tomorrow’s technology is being applied today.


Time Machine partners are visionary organizations and enterprises who recognize the value of advancing the most important interests of society with AI, and who want to play an active role in a global community dedicated to technology and innovation.

Featured TM18 Technology Showcases

Time Machine attendees will have the opportunity to engage with interactive technology that demonstrates the impact of artificial intelligence.

Google Cloud: One Cloud, Endless Possibilities

Google Cloud’s portfolio of products, services and tools enable customers to modernize their operations for today’s digital world. Google Cloud touches every layer of the business and includes: Google Cloud Platform with offerings that span storage, infrastructure, networking, data, analytics and app development; machine learning tools and APIs; G Suite’s collaboration and productivity tools; enterprise Maps APIs; and also Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks for the enterprise.

Apptronik: The Next Generation of Robotics

Apptronik develops robots that can live and work alongside humans to make our lives more productive and safer. The award-winning robotics company offers innovative robotics products, components, and engineering services to the fields of academia, industry, and more.

MHPS: Turbomachinery Powerhouse

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems manufactures the world’s most efficient Advanced Class Gas Turbines and is leading the development of the digital power plant through its digital solutions platform MHPS-TOMONI.

Valkyrie AI: Applied Science & Strategy Consulting

Valkyrie AI transforms your data into intelligence that becomes the basis for initiatives. Valkyrie’s custom deep learning solution, the Mark 1, is a local device for deep learning problems that fits perfectly inside the lines of combining applied science with strategic services.

3Data: The Future of Data Driven Storytelling

Create, collaborate, and present graphs from virtual or augmented reality to anyone, anywhere, on any device with 3Data. 3Data creates immersive graph visualizations which allow users to understand data in context.

Drone Dispatch: The Aerial Intelligence Provider

Innovate, educate, and facilitate your daily operations by incorporating drone technology. Drone Dispatch utilizes drone services to transform businesses like construction, real estate, and more with video, photography, and mapping capabilities.

StoryFit: AI for the Entertainment Industry

Perfect for publishers and studios, StoryFit facilitates informed decisions regarding the development and sales of books and movies. Improve audience targeting, determine market fit, and mitigate investment risk through the use of natural language processing, machine learning, and AI.

Waldo Photos: The Photo-Finding Phenom

With the combination of facial recognition technology and mobile photo delivery, Waldo Photos enables photo sharing of the future. Waldo finds photos taken of you at events and delivers them straight to your mobile device, leaving you free to put away your phone and enjoy the experience.

Creating the Future

Be a part of Time Machine 2018! We’re always open for demos, speakers, and sponsor submissions that are bringing the AI-driven future to life. If you’re wondering what kind of content we cover, please see last year’s program.

Time Machine 2018 Donations

Countless factors work together to make Time Machine a success, one of those being in-kind donations. In-kind gifts can include goods, services, or items to auction off during Time Machine, and are an excellent source of brand exposure to an influential audience. Companies may also donate raffle prizes and general giveaway items to help spread awareness as a community partner.

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