Sessions from Past Time Machines

Time Machine has been a hit! We hosted some of the top entrepreneurs, business executives, military leaders, academics and researchers, artists, and technologists in their respective fields.

Time Machine Sessions

Here are some videos from previous Time Machine sessions.

AI is Eating the World

Amir Husain · SparkCognition

AI in Aviation

Dr. Greg Hyslop · Boeing


Gen. John R. Allen, USMC (Ret.) · SparkCognition

AI History and Future

Prof. Bruce Porter · SparkCognition


Thought Leader Panel

AI in Finance

Moiz Kohari · State Street Corporation

AI in Military

Thought Leader Panel

AI in Energy

Thought Leader Panel

Investing in AI

Thought Leader Panel

AI and Robotics

Dr. Peter Stone · Dept. of Comp Sci - University of Texas at Austin

AI in Policy

Thought Leader Panel

The Future of Finance

Rumi Morales · Chamber of Digital Commerce

AI in Music

Paul Miller (a.k.a. DJ Spooky) · Worldwide Management Sozo Artists

AI in Healthcare

Dick Foster · McKinsey & Company

AI in Robotics

Zaib Husain · Makerarm

What Does it Mean to Be a Human in an AI World?

Dr. Heather Berlin · Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Who's Really Winning the Global AI Race?

Fireside Chat: Admiral Bobby Inman, Amir Husain

Ali Raza - Fueling Performance in the Field with AI

Ali Raza · Senior VP, Chief Digital Officer · Apergy

Cleared for Takeoff: AI in Aviation

Ted Colbert · Chief Information Officer · Boeing

Your Personalized Future, with AI

Tom Jackson · CEO & Co-Founder · Locus Insights

HYPERWAR: When Machines Do the Fighting...and Decision-Making

Panel: Amir Husain, Wendy R. Anderson, Dr. Bruce Porter

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